Lucian Hodoboc

Lucian Hodoboc is a YouTube video maker and personality. He is known on YouTube as LH, the name of his flagship channel, TheLHShowChannel. On YouTube, LH is known for his random comedy skits and vlogs. He sometimes recites poems and does a capella covers of songs.

Early life

Lucian was born in Romania, and suffers from a rare congenital bone illness that has troubled him throughout his entire life. It caused him minor bone deformities and stunned his growth. A recurring theme in Lucian's non-comedy videos has been his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts or behaviors throughout his life, as well as his OCD, anxiety and thanatophobia.

His parents separated when he was a baby and he was raised by his mother.


Lucian Hodoboc is an Orthodox Christian and a firm believer in The Holy Trinity. He made a video reciting The Lord's Prayer.


When he first discovered asexuality, Lucian used to identify as asexual, but no longer does so due to the fact that asexuality is currently part of the LGBTQA, a group that Lucian doesn't want to be part of. While he does have romantic crushes on people belonging to the opposite gender, he is still trying to figure out his views about the idea of human sexual intercourse.

YouTube Career

He started making YouTube videos in 2013, but his posting schedule has been erratic due to his health issues. He usually uploads a video every week, but sometimes takes long breaks for several months.